Autonomy Day

Autonomy Day

The gnomish war machine

“Citizens and friends of Gnomeregan!” High Tinker Mekkatorque called out to the troops standing in the new-fallen Dun Morogh snow. “Today is the day we take back our glorious city from the vile traitor Thermaplugg!”

“No more shall our people live as refugees, as outcasts, as wretched, irradiated slaves chained to the yoke of a madman’s war machine! The end of Thermaplugg’s reign draws near!”

“Our tactics, our science, our bravery and determination shall prevail. Operation: Gnomeregan begins NOW!”

High Tinker Mekkatorque and his bodyguard, during the battle

2 thoughts on “Autonomy Day

  1. I’ve spent plenty of days in my life wanting out of Gnomeregan, but the High Tinker has a way of making myself ready to rush in again. Anybody who hasn’t gone down to volunteer best hurry up! Last one in’s a bloody trogg!

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