NO, It’s Not Going to Happen

NO, It’s Not Going to Happen

You know, I wasn’t too happy when Ringo first wanted to form a militia, but I went along with it because sometimes the numbskull just has to learn things the hard way. It is no skin off me back to stand by his side and take down nuisances. We’ve fought troggs. Clashed with the Dark Irons. Twisted arms here and there in the name of the king.

But the Qiraji? No, absolutely not.

I am not going back to Silithus to spend all day slapping mosquitoes off me arms, stuffing rags in me ears to keep out the creepy crawlies at night and waking up to find ’em nesting in me hair. It’s on Kalimdor. I say, it be Thrall’s problem, not ours. Let the orcs deal with it. I have better things to do.

Now Ringo’s peeved at me because I wouldn’t let him finish. He stomped off to the other room and slammed the door. I do not care. It’s waste of breath anyhow.

2 thoughts on “NO, It’s Not Going to Happen

  1. Hah! Sounds just like a fight I had with my own wife last night — minus the whole “saving the world” thing!


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