8 thoughts on “Iron County Choppers

  1. Grats! I’m 10/12 for the titansteel at the moment. I don’t look forward to shelling out the gold, though. ~_~

  2. We’ve had the parts for several weeks. Getting the cash together for two choppers at once was the hardest part by far.

  3. Wow, outstanding guys! I can’t even begin to think about how much money it’s going to cost me just to make one of those things.

  4. re: Arrens

    A Draenei guildmate of mine actually has a “biker outfit” for when he mounts up. (And he’s not even a role-player.)

  5. Putting the baby in the sidecar was the whole inspiration for this picture, I have to say! Thanks for the hearty congrats, friends.

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