A letter for home

A letter for home

Ringo in the Explorer's League atrium in Ironforge

“Dearest Beli,

“We are in ‘hurry up and wait’ mode again. The surface of Gnomeregan is free, although Thermaplugg‘s forces still hold the interior for now. With victory this close, the gnomes have grown proud, and some are insisting that the rest of the Alliance leave the final retaking of the city to them. I reckon I can understand that.

“So, in the meantime, the rest of us have been assigned to other duty, while the Alliance leaders figure out if they can send us home. I’m told my paperwork is being processed to send me back to my post in Thelsamar and it should be soon. Either way, it looks like Gnomeregan will be free and all the troops will be home by the Feast of Winter Veil, praise Hodir.

“For now, I’ve been assigned to do guard duty for the Explorers League in Ironforge. There’s a bunch of relics from Ulduar coming in, and the explorers – who still insist they ain’t got no tabards I can have, despite all them sorties I flew over Steel Gate – are busy uncratin’ it and studying it. I ain’t seen Prince Brann around, but the king’s aides are all over the place – apparently he got bit by the archeology bug while in Northrend. I admit, the more I hang around with these eggheads, the more I feel it bitin’ me, too. I reckon when I get back, I might knock around a bit in Ironband’s excavation site with a surveyin’ rig and one of them little brushes.

“They’re packing up the Brewfest tents right now. I signed up for Brew of the Month Club again – ain’t much point to killing Arthas if a dwarf can’t enjoy seasonal beers in peace time, is there? Let me know if you want me to pick anything up in Ironforge for you before I head home.

“I reckon there ain’t no more excitement other than potty training in our future, and that suits me just fine.

“See you soon,

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