Professor Flinthammer

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7 Responses to “Professor Flinthammer”

  1. Outstanding. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! 😀

  3. I know you’r Alliance and all…but you’r blog i kinda neat/Phankresh and me

  4. I aim to be as learned and experienced as yerself one day, Professor Flinthammer! Well done!

  5. Beli Flinthammer Says:

    Thank you all! =D

  6. What robe is that? It’s very unique, like a short jacket over a dress. I recognize the Russet Hat, and I imagine the shoes/gloves/belt are other generic off-the-rack vendor-goods, but I’ve never seen that robe before.

  7. You can find that look with Archmage Robe or Durable Robe. For a blue version, it’s Sorcerer Robe. 😉

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