Supporting the troops

Supporting the troops

“Flinthammer! Flinthammer! Field medic Flinthammer! Over here!”

Beli Flinthammer hauled the Alliance soldier to his feet, satisfied herself that his bandages would survive boarding the waiting ship and propelled him on his way with a hand between shoulder blades.

“Stormwind’s that way,” she said, before turning to the sound of the voice. “What can I do ye fer?”

“Three more coming in,” Master Sergeant Zaren roared over the sound of flying machines ferrying in casualties from higher up the burning city of Dazar’alor.

Beli looked around the Mobile Alliance Surgical Hospital and nodded, pointing.

“We’ve got four cots open.”

The man’s eyes fluttered open after a nearby explosion left everyone’s ears ringing.

“Lieutenant Commander Flinthammer?”

Private,” she said, wrapping a bandage around a now-clean wound. “You’ve done enough for now. We’re sending you home.”

He started to object, but Beli was already turning away, eyes on the pyramid rising up above the jungle canopy.

“Your husband up there?” Kildris Blackfire said, appearing at her side. The Dark Iron was on guard duty, keeping both Zandalari and Horde away from the hospital.

“I reckon,” Beli sighed, blowing her hair out of her eyes. “Or somewhere. All they told us of the plan was ‘stay here and have everyone ready to leave in a hurry.'”

Both dwarves winced as there was another explosion and what sounded like the cry of a great jungle beast.

“Yer husband fighting for the Alliance, too?” Beli asked.

Kildris barked with bitter laughter.

“That would be something to see,” she said sourly. “Not everyone gave up the old religion once Ragnaros was defeated back in Molten Core. My useless husband’s in the Twilight Hammer.”

Beli blinked, unsure of what to say.

“Aye,” Kildris said. “At least when you don’t know what your husband is up to, you know he’s not trying to destroy the world.”

“I reckon not. He’s an idiot, but at least he’s not an idiot.”

The portable buzzboxes all burst to life, with half-screamed Gnomish coming out. All of the gnomes around the mobile hospital leapt to their feet, with a few even climbing off the stretchers in their panic.

“What’s going on?” Kildris said, hoisting her mace.

A gnome soldier pointed at the sky, where a badly damaged mech suit flew into view.

The High Tinker! Error! Malfunction! He’s … dying!”

The Hyena and the Wolf

The Hyena and the Wolf

This is a super rare non-dwarf post, but bear with me!

In patch 8.1.5, the Two Sides to Every Tale achievement was added to the game. One of the mount rewards is the Ironclad Frostclaw, a wolf from Alterac Valley decked out in Alliance armor. A mount from a dwarven battleground? Yeeeeeeessss. Of course I wanted it!

That meant I needed to play catch up on my horde priest to unlock this. I looked over the Zandalar quests I had fallen behind on and deflated a bit at the timesink ahead of me, but that Alterac Valley wolf was howling my name!

Got started on Vol’dun, cleared out the necessary quests and was about to complete my last one when I got too close to a couple of mobs. I briefly considered just outrunning them, but screw it, slightly faster to nuke them down. That’s when I looted an unexpected surprise: Captured Dune Scavenger. I was just stunned.

“Wait. Is this the one that Beli can ride? IT IS!!”

My horde alter ego with the Dune Scavenger in Vol’dun. The snake is so jelly.

It was one of those mounts I wanted for my dwarf, but “maybe someday,” you know? It was basically a dog from the desert (I grew up in a desert!) with a beautiful brown color (my favorite!). This really made my whole day. Totally blog worthy!

I love that my goblin is effectively smuggling over two different mounts for my dwarf. The hyena has been named Murdock. I’ll think of something for the wolf.

Dwarven Wardrobe: Wonder Woman

Dwarven Wardrobe: Wonder Woman

I was able to acquire one of the “Wonder Woman” tiaras before their respective loot tables were removed from the game. (If you weren’t able to get one, I really feel for ya. It wasn’t easy for me either.) Next to Speedy Racer Goggles, this tiara is one of my most prized items in the game.

Wonder Woman eagle emblem and Speedy Racer goggles. This guy has everything he will ever need.

There is also a chestpiece (part of the Phoenix armor set), clearly inspired by Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman costume, but it’s never been available to players. You can see it on various NPCs, such as Dungar Longdrink. I was always disappointed (still am!) that I couldn’t wear this as well.

However, once I acquired the tiara, there really didn’t seem to be a lot of good transmog choices in the cloth bracket at the onset. I felt that the leather/mail/plate transmogs had better visuals, especially for the parts that were metal such as the golden bracelets and belt. So the star tiara collected dust in my virtual closet until a couple things happened.

One, Wonder Woman’s outfit was updated to better reflect her warrior background for the 2017 movie, moving away from the cheesecake swimsuit look, a change I definitely appreciated. (Don’t get me wrong, I do dig the iconic look, but it just wasn’t practical and really needed to evolve for modern times.) I especially liked that several of my transmog pieces were obtained via PvPing, which was befitting for an Amazon.

Two, in-game graphics got more polished over time, especially with the current Battle for Azeroth gear. Cloth pieces started to have metal incorporated into their armor (spiky shoulders, hip plates, metallic belts, and so on to name a few), which allowed me to put together a satisfying warrior transmog as a cloth wearer.

Here’s my current iteration of a cloth-based Wonder Woman cosplay. I’m hoping this look will continue to evolve over the years as more items get added to the game.

“Never let your guard down. You expect the battle to be fair.” — General Antiope

Head: Holy Diadem or Starfire Tiara
Chest: Aboriginal Vest
Shirt: Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing
Waist: Tyrannical Gladiator’s Cord of Meditation
Wrist: Zandalar Confessor’s Wraps
Hands: Fen Spirit Handwraps
Legs: Sinister Gladiator’s Silk Trousers
Feet: Furious Gladiator’s Slippers of Salvation

Dwarven Wardrobe: Dire Brew Illusion (Dark Iron)

Dwarven Wardrobe: Dire Brew Illusion (Dark Iron)

Speaking to the Dark Iron Brewer in the Grim Guzzler bar, located in Blackrock Depths, will yield a lootable Dire Brew mug (once he passes out, that is). Illusions vary based on armor types. Below is the cloth version of the illusion and a list of transmogs to recreate the look.

Left: Dire Brew Illusion. Right: Transmogrification.

Head: Bloody Bandanna or Red Mageweave Headband
Shoulders: Geomancer’s Spaulders
Chest: Robe of Kelris
Belt: Sash of the Burning Heart
Boots: (any brown shoes will suffice, I used Harvester Boots)
Gloves (optional, not part of the illusion): Ebony Flame Gloves

The individual armor pieces are all low level, meaning this transmog is immediately available for a brand new Dark Iron cloth-wearing character, once the allied race is unlocked.

Breathtaking view of Blackrock Mountain, where Blackrock Depths resides.