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Onwards to Northrend!

Onwards to Northrend!

“Bael gets fussy around mid-morning, so have some milk ready then, and try and put him down for a nap,” Beli said, licking her thumb and neatening her son’s eyebrows.

“I’ve raised three children, Beli,” her mother Dorae said, shouldering the backpack full of Bael’s things. “Stop yer worryin’.”

“Stormwind’s such a big city, though,” Beli said, stepping out of the way as a bouncer hustled an angry drunk out of the Deepwater Tavern.

“Life in the district’s not much diff’rent than Anvilmar. Certainly more properly dwarvish than Quel’Danas has been. Yer father is working on a big new construction project there, and there’s plenty of dwarves around, including plenty of little ones for Bael to play with. When ye’re back, he’ll be waiting for ye.”

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