Not of this World

Not of this World

A warlock summoning people across continents is one thing, but to summon unholy creatures from another world? This I had to see. The pair of us were off to conquer a fire-breathing mare for Voca, our resident warlock and gnome extraordinaire.

Matthias and Ulrich, a virtious paladin and a beefy warrior that had no shortage of battle scars, joined in Voca’s quest to hack and slash the way through the western wing of Dire Maul, ultimately defeating Immol’thar at the final summoning circle.

I watched with rapt fascination as Voca twisted open a small jar and unleashed an imp within. The warty creature hopped around, pacing three artifacts around the circumference. It assured us that these symbols were for our protection. In a quick flash, dozens of imps swarmed all around us, hands flailing about wildly as they charged at the group. After what felt like an eternity, the last of the imps fell. Due to the ongoing spectacle, I had failed to watch over the pigtailed gnome and her corpse laid at me feet.

Once I ressurected her spirit back into her body and mended her wounds, she reassured us that our work was not yet in vain. With a waggle of her finger, she ripped open an unholy portal and a magnificent creature from the fiery Plains of Xoroth trotted through, breathing and stomping fire. Voca set out to get the mare under control, but it quickly turned out that its disapperance did not go unnoticed in Xoroth. A dreadlord came charging through the portal, cursing at us in a demonic tongue. The five of us scrambled about like headless chickens as we dodged and parried blows, but the dreadlord and its mare eventually fell under the blade of the paladin’s and warrior’s bloodied weapons. The slain dreadsteed laid on the ground, its flames now smoldering as its ethereal spirit lingered over its body. Were our efforts finally in vain?

Voca placed all doubt to rest as she uttered an incantation and forever bound its soul to hers. She was now the mare’s new master and cackled as she rode off leaving a trail of fire and sulfur.

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