Mountain o’ Mounts

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9 Responses to “Mountain o’ Mounts”

  1. Ringo Flinthammer Says:

    I trust you killed a blood elf to get that!

  2. Beli Flinthammer Says:

    I’d have killed the blood elf for free.

  3. Congratulations!

  4. So pretty and the new mount is nice too. =) Congrats.

  5. Jonathan House Says:

    Oh my god. Really? I was floored by Dani’s count, but wow. I have 10 and that was agony for me…

  6. Beli Flinthammer Says:

    Widge/Hydra: Thanks!

    Jonathan: It’s not toooo hard to get 100 mounts, but it does require some dedication and discipline in saving your gold since the lion’s share comes from buying the ones available on vendors (need exalted factions). There are mounts I still don’t have yet from the tournament, the freaking polar bear from the Brunnhildar daily, the drake from doing the heroic dungeon achievements (just need an Oculus run!), and the holiday achievement mount. I still want the ZG raptor for my troll illusion, too! I should focus on my non-combat pet collection for a change though — that’s been on the back burner for a while.

    The sad thing is that I’ll probably fly the blue dragonhawk for a week or so and then go back to my rocket mount. Nothing comes remotely close to the rocket mount. (Only the broom mount did when it was instacast last year!)

  7. Jonathan House Says:

    You know, that’s probably why I’m not that mount focused – the insta-cast of druid flight form is really hard to trade away.

  8. Grats! 😀

  9. Very nice, Beli. All I know is I wouldn’t want the job of stable hand at your mount ranch. PHEW!

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