Greatfather Winter Returns!

Greatfather Winter Returns!

It’s that time of the year — one of celebration, feasting, and gift exchanging. The Winter Veil is upon us once more!

For us dwarves, Winter Veil is a celebration of Greatfather Winter and the snowy blessings he brings to Dun Morogh. As the legend goes, Greatfather Winter would walk Azeroth late in the seasons with winter as his billowing cloak over the lands marking the occasion as a time for rebirth and renewal. We consider him to be a personification of the Titans, the greatest ancients to ever walk across Azeroth.

The goblins of Smokywood Pastures have surprised us with the PX-238 Winter Wondervolt — it briefly transforms people into gnomes for a spell. I laughed me bum off as several red and green clad gnomes tripped over each other on the steps, sporting scraped shins and bruised elbows — humans and night elves have no idea how to work short legs!

The Smokeywood Pastures goblins have also briefly loaned us the use of the holiday reindeers. I took Samuel, me ram, to Amberstill Ranch and paid for him to be bathed and fed with treats for the next few days. He can get some well-deserved shut-eye while I take me one of the reindeers out for a ride across Azeroth!

If yer in the area, please stop by to visit Greatfather Winter and treat yerself to a blended bean brew or two. Happy Winter Veil!

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