Arms for the Field

Arms for the Field

After reviewing me duty papers signed by Captain Blackanvil, Windcaller Kaldon wrinkled his nose and flipped through his clipboard.

“The Ironforge Brigade has been a worthy ally in our fight in Silithus,” the fur-fringed night elf noted. He then raised an overgrown eyebrow, “Unfortunately, many of their supplies were lost on their way here.”

I tried to cock an eyebrow back at him, but it was a skill that eluded me.

“Procure a batch of weapons and deliver them to Janela Stouthammer near Hive’Zora.” Windcaller Kaldon handed me a envelope containing me new task and dismissed me with an airy wave of his hand as he turned his attention to the other volunteers waiting for their new assignments as well.

I opened the envelope and this time I raised both of me eyebrows as my jaw dropped, “He wants me to get two moonsteel broadswords!”

There was an uproarious chortling behind me. I turned to see Strongbrew, me dwarven comrade, slapping his knee as he doubled over in laughter.

“If that’s what they’re sending our soldiers to war with, they’re gonna loooooose!”

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