Exalted One

Exalted One

Handing over the last of the armor scraps to Murgot Deepforge, I rubbed me eyes and looked to smoke filled sky that covered Alterac Valley.

“Thanks, Beli! These supplies will help our troops!” The shaggy haired dwarf commended, hauling off the armor scraps to the forge.

For many months now, I had often traveled to the heart of Alterac Mountains and lent a supportive hand to the Dwarven Stormpike Expedition in their ongoing land conflict with the Frostwolf Orcs. Because of the constant onslaught from the orcs, the Stormpike search for natural resources and ancient relics were greatly impeded.

The hour was late and I was in need of rest. I knew someone would arrive to replace me so I reached into me backpack and rubbed me hearthstone. The stone briefly glowed with a green aura and with a rumble of thunder, light enveloped me and portaled me back to Ironforge, me home sweet home.

As I stowed me battle gear in the bank, I heard a metallic click of heels and looked over me shoulder to see two Ironforge guards saluting me.

“Salutations, Beli of the Bronzebeard clan. The honorable King Magni requests an audience with ye.”

I gave me hair a quick pat to make sure me braids were in their proper places, nodding me readiness to the guards.

While I was being escorted to his chambers, I frantically tried to remember if the king had asked me to do him any favors. I really was not the best at remembering all of me obligations.

King Magni rose from his throne immediately upon me entrance and openly extended his arms, a warm smile dancing upon his creased face, as he embraced me and shook me hand.

“Ah, Beli! Look at ye now since we last spoke. A fine soldier now!”

“How may I be of service to the King?” I curtsied. I wasn’t sure what one did in such situations, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the occasional curtsy.

King Magni chuckled and placed a hand on me shoulder. “Be of service? Lass, ye have served yer people tirelessly with war efforts, supplies, and assistance to the local folks. I called ye in here to give you me gratitude and the highest honor I can bestow upon ye. Ye have served us well, exalted one.”

Touched and overwhelmed, I was unsure what to say so I curstied again.

King Magni took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as he placed his arms behind his back, walking back towards the throne.

“Beli, when I last asked ye for assistance, I gave ye a ring from me vault for finding me daughter in Blackrock Depths.”

I nodded. The Songstone of Ironforge. I still carried it to this day.

“I do not have anything to give to ye right now to recognize yer achievements, but when the day comes, I will remember ye and will honor ye accordingly.”

Upon reaching the throne, he turned to face me.

And then, this time, the king bowed.

2 thoughts on “Exalted One

  1. Hooray! Congratulations, Beli! I can only hope that one day King Bronzebeard will recognize my service to the people of Ironforge as well.

  2. Many congratulations Beli, I know you worked hard for that. And as always, it is told well.

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