Election Day

Election Day


“So, got it?”

Beli thought a moment and then began rolling up the scroll spread on the table at Bruuk’s Corner.

“Aye, I think so.” She signalled the waitress that they were done with their plates. “How is Kurdruum, Edris? Still stationed in Alterac Valley?”

“Oh aye, ma’am. Keeping warm, I hope. You two off to vote?”

“We are,” Ringo said, stretching. “We have a tradition of going through all the candidates for the senate at lunch each election year and reading through the propositions His Highness has put before the clan.”

“And this year, we toss Redstone out on his ear!” Beli crowed, tugging at Ringo’s elbow.

He followed his wife from the bar as she made her way across the military ward.

“I wish ye’d stop telling everyone how we’re voting today, woman.”

“Why?” Beli dangled her fingers down low, allowing the Pandaren bear cub to pluck scraps of lunch from between her fingers. “Redstone’s a goat’s ass; it’s time for him to go back to overcharging tourists for cheap jewelry.”

“The last thing I want is him showing up, tugging at his beard, drunk as a gnome, and wanting to complain at me about losing. I don’t know about ye, but I’ve heard from politicians quite enough this campaign season …”

2 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Good lord, the thought of real-world politicians bringing their advertisements into the world of MMO’s just crossed my mind, and it scared me.

    Smithcampaign whispers: Bob Jones and his army of Washington liberals are out to take away all we hold dear, both on Earth and here in Azeroth too. A vote for Joe Smith is a vote for continued freedom in whatever world you find yourself in!

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