The Dark Portal opens

The Dark Portal opens

It was as O’ros foretold.

The first time Ringo had come to what had once been the Black Morass, the Dark Portal had stood dormant, quietly gloating of the fel energies that had once poured from it, baking the land and turning it into the aptly named Blasted Lands.

But now, only a month after the Exodar had arrived on Azeroth, the Dark Portal was dormant no longer.

Thunder rolled across the hellish landscape and purple bolts of lightning still struck seemingly at random. But now a greenish light poured from the open mouth of the Dark Portal and with it came demons: felstalkers and voidwalkers and, worst of all, massive felguards carrying axes longer than a man is tall.

The Argent Dawn were the first to arrive, manning the barricades set up by the Alliance soldiers of Nethergarde Keep, but the irregular forces of both the Alliance and the Horde were not far behind. The ramp leading down from the portal was slick with blood and demonic ichor.

As they did at the Battle of Mount Hyjal four years before, the Alliance and Horde stood shoulder to shoulder, at least for a moment, against the Burning Legion.

War had returned to Azeroth.

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