Flinthammer Hall: The Next Generation

Flinthammer Hall: The Next Generation

And Ringo Flinthammer stepped out onto the sod roof, looking down on the dark waters of Loch Modan and raised his son high above his head, presenting him to the titans and anyone else who might be watching.

Nearby, his bear, his other bear, his owl, his adopted murloc child and that obnoxious little hawkstrider chick Beli had insisted on adopting all watched quietly. He could hear a swell of music coming from Thelsamar over the hill, as if the patrons of the Stoutlager Inn were celebrating this moment.

“In the ciiiircle,” Ringo sang under his breath, “The ciiiircle of liiiiiiife.”

“Would you get back in here, you idiot?” his wife called from within the lakeside hut. “He’s going to catch a cold with his first breath.”

Ringo blinked.

“Sorry, not sure why I felt the need to do that,” he said, coming down of the hill and heading back into the hut, which was warm and bright with the light of the hearthfire.

Beli lay, exhausted by smiling, on the bed. She stretched out her arms toward her baby.

“You sure about the name?” she asked, taking her son into her arms. He was already strong enough to give the midwife, Kali Healtouch, a black eye.

“Sure, it’s a good name. A strong name.”

“Bael,” Beli cooed. “Bael Flinthammer. Welcome to Azeroth, little one.”

6 thoughts on “Flinthammer Hall: The Next Generation

  1. Simply great! He will be pulling on yr bear’s fur and gurgling at the owl until he is old enough to sneak your ale and play with your weapons locker. Lock up the bridle to your mount! This Baby Thane will be a combination of all the outrageous qualities that make us love Ringo and Beli so much.

  2. I wonder how long it takes baby dwarves to grow facial hair.

    Congrats again. =D

  3. You mean he wasn’t born with 5 o’clock shadow at least? I find that hard to believe.

    Congrats (yeah, I know this is late and I have said it elsewhere, but I think it is more appropriate here) you two, a fine boy.

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