The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff

The rotor was loud, but that was to be expected.

The engines got very hot, but that’s why it was an open design. Still, it probably wouldn’t be a lot of fun to fly in Tanaris or Silithus.

But here, above the Blade’s Edge Mountains, the wind moving through the gyrocopter was enough to keep it cool enough to operate comfortably.

The ogres of Blade’s Edge looked up as the gyrocopter flew over. This was something new: Unlike Azeroth, the skies over Outland had never seen great numbers of gyrocopters. That would soon change.

The Burning Legion demons at each of the camps in the mountains were so surprised to see the gyrocopter that they didn’t turn their cannons to fire at it until it was already gone in a cloud of diesel fumes.

In the distance, visible through the spikes of rock sticking up from the mountains, was Toshley’s Station. A little pressure on the stick, and suddenly the gyrocopter was plunging down and then racing across the sandy landscape.

Widge, Piko and Ringo stood there, mouths open in shock, as Beli buzzed the tower.

“Let me break down a little math for you,” she yelled over the roar of the engines as she wheeled back over their latest smoking ruin. The landscape around Toshley’s Station looked like a war had taken place there. In comparison, her test field outside Area 52 was almost unscathed. “‘Goblin’ plus ‘engineering’ equals KNOW HOW, baby! Anyone who tells you otherwise simply doesn’t know how to add.”

Roaring with laughter, she pointed the gyrocopter back at the Netherstorm and flew back toward her home base.

3 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff

  1. Not only shown up by a Dwarf, but by a Dwarf who went Goblin! This story is not realistic!

  2. One Technical Suggestion: (And yes, while not now currently practicing, I did go to Injuneering Skool and can still spell “Injuneer”!) The only ecological fuel for these beauties is NOT diesel. It would be the Fish Oil, traded instantly to all those vendor across Azeroth and Outland. Wiley Neelsen has developed a neat little business collecting it and filtering the bones and scales out for use in the ‘copters. Gratz, Beli, show ’em how it is done.

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