The Valiance Expedition

The Valiance Expedition

Ringo Flinthammer slipped the goggles up off his head. He no longer needed them to see the approaching ships.

“Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus,” he said, pointing to the flags of the ships cutting through the Frozen Sea below.

“I see Theramore!” squealed Widge Gearloose.

There is something really wrong with you,” Voca Lodestone muttered beside him. “It’s not like Jaina is on the ship, looking for you or anything.

Widge stuck his tongue out at her and said nothing.

“They’re all heading west,” Beli Flinthammer muttered. Since hearing about the new undead plague and the attacks on Alliance nations, she had spoken rarely, eaten little and slept less. “Let’s get going.”

“With some more time, I’m sure I can figure out how to de-ice the rotors on our gyrocopters,” Widge said, trailing off as he saw Beli wasn’t listening, and was climbing onto the back of Sam the Ram and preparing to head out, with or without them. “But we can worry about that later.”

“Aye,” Ringo said, climbing back onto Frostmaw’s back. “Let’s ride.”

6 thoughts on “The Valiance Expedition

  1. Jaina’s last two lovers were Arthas and Kael. They didn’t exactly come to a good end post-break up.

    Run away, Widge! Far away!

  2. All right Arthas, you called down the thunder and lightning- now face the storm.

    Tell them we are coming Arthas…and we bring The Light with us!

    For Lordaeron!
    For Stratholme!
    Never Forget!

  3. This is different, Matt! Our love is pure! Or at least mine is, she still hasn’t returned the note where I asked her to check yes or no… 🙁

  4. Two words, Widge. Restraining order. Jaina has good lawyers working for her now, I hear.

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