Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

Ringo on the front lines of Thunder Hold

“Hmmm, dae ye reckon this is spoiled?”

“Flinthammer!” Captain Arrow roared. “Drop that damned bowl of chili and look alive!”

Mountaineer Ringo Flinthammer dropped his bowl as a shadow fell across him and the mossy flagstones of the jungle ruins. The sound of Alliance naval cannons off the northern coast of the Jade Forest thundered in his ears, driving a Horde gunship over land. Little did they realize the Alliance had landed here first, under the command of Captain Doren, who made his name in Stranglethorn Vale.

“Steady!” Arrow called. “Steady … FIRE!”

The riflemen’s blunderbusses roared in unison, a thunder drowned out a moment later by the cannons moved ashore from their ships. Above them, the Horde’s gunship twisted in the air, holes punched through its hull and metal struts going flying. The Alliance soldiers cheered in response, although the cheers died in their throats as they saw Horde soldiers rappelling down from the ship to meet them.

There was a rush of white fur, stinking of fish, and Frostmaw leapt over the battlements of Thunder Hold, splashing down in the moat outside and charging the Horde troops landing on the shore below. Ringo, grabbing a standard from nearby, hurled it after the bear, the white flag unfurling as it landed, the golden anchor gleaming in the Pandaren sun.

“REMEMBER THERAMORE!” Ringo roared, charging after the bear.

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