Bugging out

Bugging out

Seamus Goldenkicks

Beli Flinthammer was out walking Frostmaw when she got the summons.

“Would nae mind, except fer this bloody stupid wee bag they make me carry around to pick up his …”

“Excuse me, miss,” a voice said behind her.

“Ah see it, Ah see it! Jus’ tryin’ tae figure out how tae pick up a giant steamin’ …”

“Nae, nae,” the dwarf behind her continued. “Are ye Beli Flinthammer?”

“Aye, Ah am.”

The dwarf mage was covered head to toe in dark robes and seemed to be attempting to conceal his feet beneath the hem.

“Excellent; Ah’ve been told to get ye and yer gnomish assistant …”

Beli winced, and glanced around to make sure Widge was still out of earshot. She put two fingers to her mouth, stopped, removed her filthy glove, and repeated the action with bare, clean fingers, issuing a whistle like a steam whistle.

Widge arrived a moment later, rubbing one ear with the heel of his hand.

“Malygos’ gizzard, Beli! I’m seeing spots!”

She gestured at the dwarven mage.

“This fella here was lookin’ fer us.”

Widge blinked.

“Is it a message from Jaina? Did she get my letters?”

“Ah’m supposed tae open a portal tae send ye tae th’ Skyfire.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

The dwarf mage shrugged.

“Donnae,” the dwarf mage shrugged as he began casting a spell. The portal opened a moment later. “Jus’ told that Commander Flinthammer sent fer ye.”

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