This is Our Army

This is Our Army

Lieutenant Thorn

“So, aboot this armor …”

“Yes, Mountaineer Flinthammer, it just arrived via the weekly Stormshield portal to Ironforge,” Lieutenant Thorn said, not looking up from the paperwork spread out before her. “It’s a new, higher-quality set of Trailseeker mountaineer gear. Even the ones back home aren’t wearing it yet.”

“Ah wanted tae talk to ye aboot tha shoulder situation.”

“Yes, the commander was very clear: Everyone at Lunarfall Garrison will be wearing a full set of armor while on duty, including shoulder armor.”

“But tha uniform didnae come wit’ any. Well, it did, but it wer’ jist a scrap o’ paper, saying ‘Trailseeker Spaulders,’ but there wer’ nothin’ in tha box.”

“Nevertheless, the commander was very clear on this point.”

“Right. So Ah spoke tae the quartermaster in Ashran.”

Crafticus Mindbender.”

“Aye. Ah feel silly saying that name oot loud.”

“It’s his name.”

“Sounds fake ta me.”

“Well-regarded member of the Kirin Tor. Came straight from Dalaran as part of the Iron Vanguard. Good man.”

Ringo's new look“Anyway, he said he had some spare spaulders tha League o’ Arathor supply officer had left lyin’ roon’.”

“Good. You know the rules about shoulder armor.”

“It jist looks silly wit’ tha rest o’ tha armor. Ah donnae like a mountaineer wearin’ it. The shoulder pads arenae even both tha same size.”

“Mountaineer Flinthammer, you will wear that armor, or you’ll be relieved of duty.”

“… fine. Ah’m not wearin’ tha bloody face mask, though.”

“Of course, not: That thing’s hideous.”

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