The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot

Conspirators look over the plan

“I don’t understand this plan.”

“No one needs you to understand this plan. My masters had me recruit you –”

“No one ‘recruited’ me; I’m in this for the destruction.”

“Fair enough, my masters had me reach out to you –”

“And the lighting of things on fire.”

“Yes, of course, it’s what you do best. My masters had me reach out to you –”

“And the nihilism. I’m basically just in it for the nihilism.”

“Obviously. You once waged a three year war against trees.”

“They had a look about them I didn’t like. A real arrogant cast to them.”

“In any case, my masters told me to ask for your help because we’re going after some of the biggest impediments to the Burning Legion’s invasion …”

“By going after the hapless idiot brother.”

“It’s a long game. We’ve both known him for years. We drive him to his knees, his brothers’ resolve fails, and suddenly those commando missions against the Black City become much less effective and …”

“Hold on, we’re just demoralizing him? I’m not in this to hurt people’s feelings.”

“Don’t you worry your psychotic little head about that: After we demoralize him, we’ll finish him off. This is the year we kill Ringo Flinthammer.”

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