Shadows awaken

Shadows awaken

Ringo, Beli and Kildris arrive in Shadowforge City.

“Flinthammer, Flinthammer …”

“Is this really necessary?” Kildris Blackfire sighed.

“Aye, afraid so,” the Shadowforge sentry said, without looking up from his clipboard. “Been a spike in cult activity in the last few weeks.”

“Screamin’ out prophecies on street corners, handin’ out pamphlets?” Ringo asked.

“For once, no,” the Dark Iron guard said, glancing up, cocking an eyebrow. “Did they do that in Ironforge, too?”

“Stormwind,” Ringo said. “Several times.”

“Aye, well, these seem like former Twilight Hammer folks who never got the hint. No offense, Kildris.”

Kildris held up her hands.

“Hey, that was my ex-husband. We never did agree on politics.”

The guard nodded, going back to the clipboard.

“Aye, well, I reckon a lot of folks don’t want to revisit everything they did in their past.”

Ringo barked a laugh.

“Aye, last time Beli and I were here, we shot our way in. Ow!”

He clutched his side where his wife had elbowed him.

The guard snorted and flipped to the front of the pages clipped to his clipboard.

That’s why I couldn’t find the pair of ye in the list. Lieutenant-Commander Beli Flinthammer and Grand Marshal Durkon Flinthammer!”

Beli winced.

“Ah, no, that’s me, aye, but this is Knight-Captain Ringo Flinthammer.”

The guard looked at the clipboard and shrugged.

“Oh, he’s not on our watch list. I mean, back before the Council of Three Hammers was formed, you and your … brother?”

“Brother-in-law,” Beli muttered, reddening.

“Right, you and your brother-in-law were on our most wanted list. Ooh, there was a 1,000 gold piece bounty on you. Five thousand for your brother-in-law.”

“How much fer me, then?” Ringo said, clearing his throat. “Knight-Captain. Veteran of Quel’Danas and Icecrown Citadel.”

The guard flipped through his paperwork again.

“Did you say ‘Bingo Flinthammer?'”

“Nay, Ringo.”

“Hmm, no, no bounty for any Flinthammers other than your brother and your wife.”

No, no one calls him that.

“How about ‘Fastest Gun Under the Mountain?'”

The guard, raised an eyebrow without looking up, and shook his head.

Kildris leaned over to Beli.

“Does anyone actually call him that?”

“No, but he keeps hoping they will.”

The guard paused, glancing over at Frostmaw.

“I do have a great white bear on the list,” the guard said.

“That’s my bear!”

The guard shrugged.

“You’re both fine to enter, in any case.”

“Tae be clear,” Ringo said, not moving, “Ah killed a lot of Dark Irons before the Council was formed. Ah mean, a lot.”

The guard shrugged.

“And I was on the team that planted the seaforium to blow up the Thandol Span,” the guard shrugged. “Water under the partially destroyed bridge.”

After a moment, Ringo nodded and he and the guard shook hands.

“If the Alliance and Horde can make peace, there’s no reason the Bronzebeard and Dark Iron can’t do the same,” the guard said, putting the clipboard away.

Ringo nodded.

“Once we get Kildris home and get her girl out of the dwarfanage, Ah’ll buy ye a pint or three in the Grim Guzzler. We can toast to peace at last.”

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  1. Hey you old dwarf, or should I say gnome. Glad to see this page is still being updated! You’re still playing WoW eh? I’m back to EQ myself.

  2. Yep, still around. Glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking.

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