Dwarven Wardrobe: Cloth Protective Gear

Dwarven Wardrobe: Cloth Protective Gear

Special guest appearance by Toxic Wasteling.

Saw a request on the WoW forum to make Vile Fumigator’s Mask transmoggable, which inspired me to look through my appearance tab and see if I could create something in a similar fashion. Was tickled to build a transmog around the Goblin Rocket Helm, which I had admittedly forgotten about. (I’m a goblin engineer.)

There were several belt choices for this ensemble, but I really liked the glow that radiated from the Firestrike Cord belt (along with the staff) when it got dark. (The helm is just super neon green, that’s all.)

Head: Goblin Rocket Helm (Requires Engineering)
Chest: Warpthread Vest
Shoulders: Astralaan Shoulderpads
Waist: Firestrike Cord
Hands: Pious Handwraps (Priest only)
Legs: Silver-Thread Pants
Feet: Buccaneer’s Boots
Back: Crimsonwood Drape
2H Staff: Lever of the Megantholithic Apparatus (LFR version)

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