The Hyena and the Wolf

The Hyena and the Wolf

This is a super rare non-dwarf post, but bear with me!

In patch 8.1.5, the Two Sides to Every Tale achievement was added to the game. One of the mount rewards is the Ironclad Frostclaw, a wolf from Alterac Valley decked out in Alliance armor. A mount from a dwarven battleground? Yeeeeeeessss. Of course I wanted it!

That meant I needed to play catch up on my horde priest to unlock this. I looked over the Zandalar quests I had fallen behind on and deflated a bit at the timesink ahead of me, but that Alterac Valley wolf was howling my name!

Got started on Vol’dun, cleared out the necessary quests and was about to complete my last one when I got too close to a couple of mobs. I briefly considered just outrunning them, but screw it, slightly faster to nuke them down. That’s when I looted an unexpected surprise: Captured Dune Scavenger. I was just stunned.

“Wait. Is this the one that Beli can ride? IT IS!!”

My horde alter ego with the Dune Scavenger in Vol’dun. The snake is so jelly.

It was one of those mounts I wanted for my dwarf, but “maybe someday,” you know? It was basically a dog from the desert (I grew up in a desert!) with a beautiful brown color (my favorite!). This really made my whole day. Totally blog worthy!

I love that my goblin is effectively smuggling over two different mounts for my dwarf. The hyena has been named Murdock. I’ll think of something for the wolf.

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